Fineline Tattoos

About Fine Line Tattoos

Softer, thinner, and more intricate than traditional style tattoos, fine line tattoos focus on hyper-detail while maintaining a minimalistic style. This type of tattooing is best suited for those looking to work with an artist who has an extremely steady hand, pays incredible attention to detail, and is able to diversify their skill set by utilizing both three and single-needle techniques. Fine line tattoos can also fall into the categories of micro and thin line tattoos. Typically, single needles are used to create thin fine line tattoos and impeccably detailed micro tattoos. Fine line tattooing helps to bring delicate and detailed artwork to life! 


How Well Do Fine Line Tattoos Heal? 

All tattoo styles are susceptible to fading and blurring, especially if not properly taken care of. While fine line tattoos are often put in spots like the neck, hands, and fingers and don't typically take up too much surface area on the body, it is important to make sure you allow your tattoo to fully heal. Always listen to your tattoo artist's aftercare instructions, avoid sun exposure to the affected area, and have your tattoo touched up as needed. However, with a skillful artist and proper care, your fine line and micro tattoos should hold up for quite some time!